Clever Sage Creations

Looking Through the Creative and Clever Lense of Canvas and Camera. 

Clever Sage Creations seamless ties Art, Design, and Photography together with creative expression.

Art. Design. Photography.

Capturing Creativity

Singer Song Writer, Dustin Massey and his band live at Magnolia Motor Lounge in Fort Worth, Texas.

From capturing local musicians in intimate venues to being stage side at a sell out pavilion I strive to display the energy and tone of the artist through photography. 


Photographer and Artist, Sage Howell's work "Spiiin", an oil on canvas painting.

Whether working in loud places trying to capture silent stills or putting brush to canvas my intent is to create art and story through action.


A brood box of bees before the summer flow overlooking an organic field of green.

From early mornings in blooming nature to late nights in the urban sprawl, I find inspiration through observation and capture it in it's raw form for display.